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Rcc Rowad Correction Center is one of the largest development centers in Egypt and the Middle East
Contributed to this continuous communication with the world's largest medical supply companies and the establishment of free conferences and scientific symposia, and that the center has contributed strongly to the development of technical and administrative expertise of many of the hospitals and centers inside and outside Egypt

Provide excellent services at economical prices
It could RCC access to a large number of civil servants, businesses and government and private entities contribution to the provision of medical service upscale in the field of ophthalmology in Egypt at economical prices to the largest possible number of beneficiaries and we are delighted receiver compact all companies and government agencies requests and make sure you exceptional service you need

Write us your question and you'll find us at any time, we are keen to safety
Effective contributions to the development of medical services to establish educational forums
Trust in our capabilities and regulatory machinery is more than 900 doctors in Egypt
Use the latest machines in the world in coordination with major companies
You can reserve a clinic here
You can reserve examination of here
RCC 16 5 68
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